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Hey guys I know you’re all on the ALS awareness bandwagon right now but how about taking some time to learn about other illnesses like:

If you don’t post about it to prove that you did it did it ever really even happen????

sorry guys, never coming home (at Laguna Beach - California)

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just a little bit if blogging as you head home from work this evening - learn about natural dyeing new on @bluepoppyblog! and please like the Facebook page! 😊

usurpers: sorry, i saw you reblog that post about my cats eating eggs (it's a long story) so i checked out your blog due to curiosity, and then your portfolio and i just wanted to say that your photography took my breath away, it's so good!!

haha I was cracking up when I read the post and had to reblog it…whether I understood it or not. I just imagined my cat eating scrambled eggs and couldn’t help myself.

thank you, that’s so nice of you. it’s seriously boosting my self esteem especially since today I landed a big job, dare I say dream job scenario!! :-)